Hello, I'm Lydia.

I solve digital problems by crafting engaging websites and apps.

A seasoned digital product designer based in Nairobi, Kenya with over 15 years of experience. My goal is simple: to deliver solutions that not only work but are also a joy to use.

Lydia Were, product designer.
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What I Offer

Web & App Design

I create polished professional website and app designs (mobile, web app, dashboards), ready to be brought to life by your development team.

Web Development

Using proven tools like Framer and WordPress, I build websites that are both dynamic and user-friendly.

Web Templates

For DIY enthusiasts, I offer pre-designed Framer templates that are fully responsive and ready to be customized according to your needs.

Featured work

Safaricom Foundation Report


How do we turn a PDF report into an accessible piece of info and make it engaging? This website project purposed to answer this question.

The Safaricom foundation report website.

SaaS landing page

Landing page

This concept was for a concept SaaS company selling audio production software as a cloud service. The target audience was music producers and podcast creators. It needed to stand out as a sleek premium page. How do we achieve this?


Coin Magnet Crypto App

Mobile app

Crypto trading can be intimidating: from the technical jargon to all the options available, it’s common for it to be overwhelming to new comers. How do we make the experience smooth and simple and possibly shorten the learning curve? This was the project’s challenge.


More work






UI/UX Design + Web Development


ICD is the human resource capacity training arm of the health development non-governmental international organization AMREF. The purpose of this website was to create awareness of the department’s available health training courses as well as highlight progress and achievements made in local community health projects.


Upturn Ark




UI/UX Design + Web Development


For this consumer goods marketing startup, I designed and built a website that gives them visibility online as to who they are, their offering and work they have done for their clients. The startup now has a competitive advantage in the local market by having a place to showcase their marketing prowess and invite potential clients to reach out.

About Me

My journey began over 15 years ago as a web intern, evolving into a career covering web design, graphic design and web development. Freelancing has been an integral part of this journey, allowing me to collaborate with small businesses in building an online presence for them.

As a contractor and employee, I have had the opportunity to team up with others in both the startup and corporate world. As a result, I thrive in both remote agile teams and onsite office environments.

Tools of the Trade

Framer and WordPress are my preferred platforms for web development, while Figma is my main design tool. I’m currently refining my skills in Spline for 3D design.

I have a commitment to continuous learning, actively engaging in design challenges, courses, and staying up to date with the latest in the design world as well as appreciating the work of fellow designers through likes and feedback.

Beyond Work

When I’m not immersed in design, you’ll find me indulging in my passions: gardening, reading, tinkering with sound as a live audio tech, enjoying culinary delight TV shows, or attempting to bake a Michelin 5-star cake but miserably failing. I love it all.

Lydia Were the designer

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If you’re seeking a designer who combines expertise with authenticity, let’s collaborate. I’m here to bring your digital ideas to life.

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